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Fanatic Falcon SL 2009

Fanatic Falcon SL 2009

Board Type: Slalom  Race
Manufacturer: Fanatic
Board sizes:

79 to 140 liters volume and 55x245 to 79x240 centimeters sizes.


The 2009 Fanatic Falcon SL is created to take slalom racing to whole new levels. It offers unmatched power and speed to satisfy even the most demanding needs of hardcore riders, but at the same time it is easy to handle and quite user friendly so even less experienced riders can enjoy some quality water action.

Smooth gliding and fast speed capabilities are based on the new shape developed by Fanatic. The narrow outline is perfectly combined with thicker rails, so the board runs extremely fast and it is easy to steer and maneuver. Fanatic has managed to successfully match the size of the board with the volume distribution to create maximum stability and grip in all wave and wind conditions. The power V tail creates optimal power deployment, so the Falcon not only that has excellent acceleration and speed, but also plenty of pop for jibes. The bottom is shaped using a deep double concave design which permits extra maneuverability when the board reaches extreme speeds. Additional velocity is gained by using a reduced pintail profile. This feature also maintains a constant speed between moves and improves overall power and jibe capabilities. The manufacturer has chosen a shorter shape for the Fanatic Falcon SL, to prevent unwanted lifts when the board reaches maximum speed. A great thing about the Falcon SL is that it puts the rider in absolute control. The sailor can perform any move and go as fast as he wishes while receiving positive feedback from the board at all times. Since it is very efficient and easy to control, no matter what the weather conditions are, the Fanatic Falcon SL is a perfect slalom racing machine for any sailor, regardless of skill level.

The board is constructed using a Carbon Sandwich structure with a Light Finish which makes it extra durable and flexible at the same time. To cover a wide weight range it is available in 79 to 140 liters volume and 55x245 to 79x240 centimeters sizes. The board is best used with a 4.5 to 10.0 meters sail, depending on size and volume.