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Fanatic Falcon Speed 2009

Fanatic Falcon Speed 2009

Board Type: Slalom  Race
Manufacturer: Fanatic
Board sizes:

68L volume and 48x242cm size


The Falcon Speed is the latest addition to the 2009 racing board lineup created by Fanatic. As with the other boards in this series, the manufacturer made no compromise and developed a high performance speed machine that offers unmatched efficiency regardless of the wind and wave conditions.

It is engineered to go fast, extremely fast, and it does that no matter what. The Falcon Speed is narrower than its brother, the Falcon SL, fact that makes it run at impressive speeds on both flat waters and high waves. Speed is also increased with the use of the enhanced rocker that makes the board have less friction on the water. The thin rails permit the rider to have absolute control of the board, no matter what speed he reaches and reduce the drag to offer a smooth ride. The volume is carefully distributed and slightly increased towards the increased tail to enhance early planning capabilities and to deliver the perfect amount of power needed by an extreme racer. The board uses a double/mono concave bottom shape to stabilize it at top speed and to deliver perfect stability and maneuverability. The nice thing about the Fanatic Falcon Speed is that it has a smooth control feeling and it is extremely responsive to all of the rider’s commands. Soft pads and flexible, easy adjustable Pro Velcro foot straps assure that the rider stays comfortable all the time. Fanatic has not overlooked the graphics and the red and silver white imprints are elegant and unique. To assure top durability and lightweight the Fanatic Falcon Speed is built on a Carbon Sandwich structure. It can take a lot of punishment without suffering any damage.

The Falcon Speed is only available in one range, 68L volume and 48x242cm size, and the single purpose of this high performance board is to offer unmatched speed. The manufacturer recommends Fanatic Speed G10 fins and a 4.0 to 7.0 meters sail for optimal performance.