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Fanatic Falcon Speed 2010

Fanatic Falcon Speed 2010

Board Type: Race
Manufacturer: Fanatic
Board sizes:

68 liters volume and 48x242 centimeters size


Every sailor out there knows that Fanatic is one of the manufacturers that make no compromise when it releases windsurfing gear on the market. Every piece of equipment is developed after extensive research and development and carefully tested to assure maximum performance.

And since more and more riders seem to have a taste for speed, Fanatic has released the new Falcon Speed, a board that will definitely appeal to them. If you were familiarized with the Falcon and Falcon SL models, just think that the Falcon Speed is a lot faster. The rails are a bit thinner and the tail is wider, features which improve speed and make the board perfect for extreme speed and early planning. The bottom has a new single/double concave shape to assure maximum maneuverability and increase handling, so the rider doesn’t have to worry about losing control when it reaches top speed. A power V in the tail area assures optimal power deployment, so the rider can accelerate in no time. Not only that the Falcon Speed is fast but it also offers plenty of comfort and a responsive control. The edges are refined and the volume proportionally distributed, so it has excellent grip and offers accurate turns and rotations.

Just like Falcon and Falcon Slalom, the Speed’s overall performance in terms of speed and maneuverability is enhanced by the innovative CDC (Compact Design Concept) developed by Fanatic. A smooth and drag free glide is delivered by the optimized profile and refined edges. Since the Falcon Speed is an aggressive board, the graphics match the “attitude”. The silver white pattern and bright red imprints are unique and they seem to show that the bard is a no compromise racing beast.

The Fanatic Falcon Speed is available only in 68 liters volume and 48x242 centimeters size and performs best when it is used with a 4.5 to 7.5 square meters sail.