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Fanatic FreeWave 2008

Fanatic FreeWave 2008

Board Type: Wave  Freestyle
Board sizes:

77 to 113 liters volume and 56x237 to 66x245 centimeters sizes.


After the great success of the previous 2007 FreeWave model, Fanatic carries on with the development of this wave riding board, by enhancing it with features which make it even more efficient than ever.

The 2008 FreeWave is the second attempt to create a highly versatile wave riding board by Fanatic. And it is a successful attempt, since the FreeWave is one of these boards that have it all: power, speed, durability and maneuverability. It is also very easy to use so it can be used without any hassle by intermediate to advanced riders in any wave conditions. Although it is a quite large board, once it is set on the water it becomes very light and agile. One of the first things you will notice when riding it is how maneuverable and responsive it is. The board offers a direct and accurate control and performs easily any turn, rotation or jump. Even in choppy conditions the maneuverability and grip remain great, while the board feels solid and well balanced. A soft deck and flexible and easy to adjust foot straps make the Fanatic FreeWave extremely comfortable. A slightly flatter rocker line created using CAD technology combined with a power V shaped bottom provide impressive power for extreme speeds, jibes and high jumps or even freestyle moves. These features also allow the board to glide fast in the lightest wind conditions. You just need a light blow of the wind to power the sail, and the FreeWave does the rest. A balanced volume distribution improves the grip and keeps the board stable all the time.

The Fanatic FreeWave is constructed using Technoa Kevlar Double sandwich LF technology, so it is extremely durable and light at the same time. It is available in 77 to 113 liters volume and 56x237 to 66x245 centimeters sizes. For optimal efficiency, the manufacturer recommends Fanatic FW G10 fins and a 3.7 to 7.3 meters wide sail, depending on the board size and volume.