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Fanatic FreeWave 2009

Fanatic FreeWave 2009

Board Type: Wave  Freestyle
Manufacturer: Fanatic
Board sizes:

77 to 113 liters volume and 56x237 to 66x245 centimeters sizes.


Fanatic has one of the largest wave riding board collections for the 2009 season. After the great success of the NewWave, NewWave Twin and AllWave models, the new FreeWave has arrived to complete the series of wave boards. Just like the models mentioned above, the FreeWave delivers maximum performance for freestyle and wave sailing lovers.

The best thing about this board is perhaps that it is both efficient and forgiving at the same time, so it makes a good choice for beginner to experienced riders, as they will find that this board merges power with maneuverability in a unique way.  The board features a new profile, with a narrow tail and tip, and plenty of volume concentrated in the middle to sustain even a heavier rider. Out on the water the shorter flat rocker line combined with the tail that offers good low end power make the FreeWave reach nice speeds and deliver fast turns and rotations. Even is speed is not the main attribute of this board, the nice acceleration and control capabilities make it great for jumping and jibbing. In flat waters or high waves the board is easy to direct and behaves quite predictable. This is a feature that makes it suitable for beginner and intermediate users. A great thing about this board is the fact that it performs constant and does not lose performance or maneuverability if the weather conditions get rough. Also, it offers a smooth ride, and makes the sailor fell comfortable and safe.

Just like the other 2009 wave boards, the Fanatic FreeWave comes in standard or Team Edition versions. The TE is lighter and offers enhanced performance due to the use of Carbon Kevlar structure, while the standard model is extremely durable and solid, perfect for hardcore sailing. The standard model is constructed on a Custom Wood Sandwich Technology.

Both models are available in 77 to 113 liters volume and 56x237 to 66x245 centimeters sizes. For optimal performance, the manufacturer recommends Fanatic FW G10 fins and a 3.7 to 7.3 meters wide sail.