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Fanatic Hawk 2008

Fanatic Hawk 2008

Board Type: Wave  Freestyle  Freeride
Manufacturer: Fanatic
Board sizes:

Volume: 93L, 108L, 123L

Size: 58x245cm, 62x247cm, 66x249cm


The 2008 Hawk is the second attempt made by Fanatic to blend the features of a wave board with those of freeride and freestyle one into a single sailing machine. And it is a successful attempt, since it has developed a board which is powerful, fast, and very maneuverable, perfect for “freecarve” as thy state.

The 2008 Hawk follows the pattern of the earlier 2007 model, but it is enhanced to offer better performance. The board features a narrower profile and a fine tuned rocker which deliver extreme speed. The full rails and the tucked under edge allow the board to deliver massive power boosts for early planning, lift or jibbing. The shape is engineered using CAD and CNC technologies so it is extremely hydrodynamic and offers great acceleration capabilities and a drag free glide. The tip is slightly lifted to permit the Falcon Hawk to smoothly tackle the waves, feature which also makes it fit for slalom or freeride. Although it is very maneuverable and reliable, the Hawk tends to become a little aggressive, so it is recommended for advanced to experienced riders. The wider tail deploys a good amount of power, so hardcore riders can perform any move easy and fast. Another thing that Fanatic has improved is control. The Hawk is one of the most responsive and accurate boards. It is very easy to turn and rotate, and if you love speed, it can be easily powered up and just needs to be pointed in the desired direction. A smooth and comfortable ride is provided by the use of a domed deck, soft pads and flexible, easy to adjust foot straps. Fast, accurate, agile and extremely maneuverable, the Fanatic Hawk covers with success freeride, freestyle, slalom and wave sailing.

Maximum durability as well as a lightweight construction is obtained using a Hybrid Sandwich building structure.

To gain maximum performance with this board it is advised to use Fanatic Hawk G10 fins and a 4.0 to 8.5 meters sail, depending on the size and volume.