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Fanatic NewWave 2008

Fanatic NewWave 2008

Board Type: Wave
Manufacturer: Fanatic
Board sizes:

Volume: 69L, 75L, 81L

Size: 237x52.5cm, 238x54.5cm, 240x56.5cm


Fanatic is one of the top windsurfing board manufacturers when it comes to wave riding. The 2008 wave riding board line is engineered after extensive research and development, and taking into consideration the opinions of famous pro riders. New technology and concepts are used to offer unmatched performance and versatility.

The NewWave is such a board, and it is developed after the successful pattern of the previous 2007 model, featuring enhancements that make it faster and more powerful, to meet even the most demanding needs of any sailor. The board features a shorter profile outline, and the volume is equally distributed throughout the board to keep it very stable and increase floatability. A wider tail and thin rails provide great low end, so the board has enhanced lift, speed and acceleration capabilities. The bottom uses a mono/double concave design, feature that drastically improves maneuverability in all conditions. No matter how fast you ride and turn or how high you jump, the board remains responsive and performs predictable while maintaining an excellent grip. The board is fast and powerful, but user friendly and forgiving at the same time, so it is a great choice for any wave rider, regardless of skill level. The control is direct and responsive, and even at high speeds the board offers a positive feedback and the sailor doesn’t have to worry about unwanted twists at all. Maximum comfort is assured by the soft pads and easy adjustable Pro Velcro foot straps.

The Fanatic NewWave comes in two different versions, the standard and the Team edition. Both versions feature the same shapes, sizes, characteristics and fittings, but use different construction technology. The standard edition is built using a Technora and Kevlar Double sandwich LF technology for maximum durability in choppy conditions, while the TE is constructed on a Technora and Kevlar Double sandwich ULF structure to significantly decrease weight and improve performance.

For optimal efficiency, the manufacturer recommends Fanatic NW G10 fins and a 3.3 to 6.0 square meters sail.