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Fanatic NewWave Twin 2009

Fanatic NewWave Twin 2009

Board Type: Wave  Freestyle
Manufacturer: Fanatic
Board sizes:

72, 78 and 84 liters volume and 53.5x230, 55.5x232 and 57.5x234 centimeters sizes.


Waveriding has been a main concern for Fanatic when it has developed the new 2009 board line. They have one of the most extensive series of boards dedicated to wave. The NewWave Twin is such a board, engineered to offer a completely new experience to all sailors that wish to break the boundaries of wave sailing as we know it.

The board has been carefully designed after consulting kitesurfering chaps and pros and heavily tested to assure optimal performance at all times. Although it is shorter, Fanatic has made it quite thick to assure the perfect amount of volume that will generate maximum floatability and grip. A narrow tail combined with a high rocker provides a massive amount of power for speed or jumping. The concave/double concave shape of the bottom complements the extreme power with increased maneuverability and stability. As the name states, the board uses a twin fin configuration which not only that offers plenty of acceleration and pop, but also offers an enhanced control. The rider can focus on his session without worrying about losing control at all. Besides power, speed and maneuverability, the fanatic NewWave Twin offers great comfort. The foot straps are soft and flexible and can be adjusted to fit any position the sailor desires. The profile and shape of the board are so well balanced that make it perfect for any wave or wind conditions. If the weather gets rough, the additional volume positioned to the center and double fin setup keep the NewWave Twin extremely stable and solid.

It is such a great board that, if we believe the manufacturer, is available only in a limited number on the market, so if you wish to experience unmatched wave riding experience you must hurry to get it.

The Fanatic NewWave Twin is available only in 72, 78 and 84 liters volume and 53.5x230, 55.5x232 and 57.5x234 centimeters sizes. Optimal efficiency is reached if the board is used with Fanatic NW G10 fins and a 3.7 to 6.2 meters wide sail.