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Fanatic NewWave Twin 2010

Fanatic NewWave Twin 2010

Board Type: Wave
Manufacturer: Fanatic
Board sizes:

Volume: 72L, 79L, 86L, 93L

Size: 230x53.5cm, 232x55.5cm, 234x57.5cm, 236x59.5cm


When it comes to pro and extreme windsurfing, Fanatic makes no compromises and creates only versatile and reliable boards, which turn riders into Champions.

The 2010 NewWave Twin is built on new technology and innovative tweaks, after a long period of research and development. And the result is astonishing, as the board is one of the fastest and powerful wave sailing machines available today.  The Fanatic NewWave Twin is built with a double concave bottom and a slightly forward shifted pressure point which allows maximized acceleration and speed. Additional power for hardcore enthusiasts is provided by the wide tail.

Out on the water any rider will notice the powerful traction and extreme speed, as well as the tight and fast turns the board offers. Since the NewWave Twin is quite aggressive and has plenty of pop it is not recommended for novice or entry level sailors. It is a powerful wave riding machine dedicated to pro and experience riders. Not only power and speed were the features that Fanatic has focused on. Maneuverability and stability are also enhanced, and the rider has a direct and responsive feedback from the board, so he can concentrate on the actual ride and not worry about losing control.

The Fanatic NewWave Twin is available for 2010 only in TE or Team Edition as the manufacturer calls it. This means it is constructed from high quality Carbon Kevlar fabrics and using a new technology that is focused on flexibility, durability and low weight. Light weight is combined with power and maneuverability to offer the rider a reliable and versatile board,from which he will never want to part.

The Fanatic NewWave Twin is available in 72 to 93 liters volume and 230x53.5 to 236x59.5 centimeters sizes. Optimal performance is achieved when the board is used with Fanatic NW Twin G10 fins and a 3.7 to 6.6 meters wide sail.