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Fanatic NewWave Twin TE 2012

Fanatic NewWave Twin TE 2012

Board Type: Wave
Manufacturer: Fanatic
Board sizes:

72L: 53.5x230 cm

79L: 55.5x232 cm

86L: 57.5x234 cm

93L: 59.5x236 cm


The new board line introduced by Fanatic for the 2012 season is intended to revolutionize the world of windsurfing. All board models are crafted using a new technology which significantly improves the riding experience. The NewWave Twin TE is a very dynamic wave board which can handle any wind or wave conditions with ease.

The NewWave Twin TE is available in Team Edition Version. It is crafted using a light and stiff Carbon layup structure completed by a super light Carbon Kevlar Deck. Additional Wood reinforcements protect critical areas against damage. This construction not only makes the board very light and robust, but also provides an optimal stiffness pattern and assures accurate response to rider input. The twin fin configuration makes the board very snappy and assures excellent grip and better turning performance. The balanced tail width provides optimal release and assures excellent early planning potential. A special surf style rocker line generates a quick acceleration and a fast top speed. At the same time is assures perfect control in all wave conditions.

The Fanatic NewWave Twin TE has plenty of pop and it is perfect for advanced water and aerial tricks. The single to double concave bottom design provides good stability and better control during fast turns. The board turns fast and tight, it jumps high and can perform radical carving jibes without hassle. It does all these while keeping the rider comfortable and in complete control. The Fanatic NewWave Twin TE works best when it is used with 3.7 up to 6.5 square meters sails, depending on its size.