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Fanatic Ripper 2008

Fanatic Ripper 2008

Board Type: Freeride  Beginner
Manufacturer: Fanatic
Board sizes:

102 liters volume and 69.5x239 centimeters size.


Fanatic builds high performance boards for any style and for any rider. Either you are a hardcore rider or a novice learning the basics of windsurfing, you will find the perfect board for you. But what about kids that love windsurf? Fanatic has not overlooked them and it has created the Ripper especially for them.

It is a very forgiving and easy to use board that the young sailors will definitely love. The board features a narrower profile bat has plenty of volume carefully distributed to deliver great floatation and grip to keep it stable and reliable in all conditions. The optimized outline and soft rails offer enough power for speed and tricks if the young sailor is already trying to progress or experience freeride. Actually the Fanatic Ripper can be turned to a great freeride board at any time due to the multiple positions of the foot straps.  To keep the rider safe and offer a comfortable ride, Fanatic has used an EVA deck which prevents contusions if by any chance the kid falls. Out on the water the board is very maneuverable and offers the young sailor complete control. No matter what moves he performs, he always receives positive feedback from the Viper. Safe, easy to handle and powerful enough to turn into a freeride board, the Fanatic Ripper is the perfect choice for an entry level rider or for the ones looking to improve their skills. The board has also a great graphic design, and the orange, red and silver white imprints make it stand out in the crowd.

Although the board is reinforced and can take all the possible damage it is very lightweight so it can offer maximum performance. This is possible due to the use of an advanced High Resistance Skin construction used by Fanatic. The board is available only in 102 liters volume and 69.5x239 centimeters size. For maximum efficiency it should be used with Fanatic Ripper 30 and 39 fins and a 2.0 to 8.0 square meters sail.