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Fanatic Ripper 2011

Fanatic Ripper 2011

Board Type: Freeride  Freestyle  Wave
Manufacturer: Fanatic
Board sizes:

102L: 69x242 cm


Fanatic supports the development of windsurfing across the world and encourages all people to practice this wonderful sport. When it comes to kids, Fanatic team knows that they have different needs than adults and that they require special equipment. The new Ripper is especially crafted for young riders who want to learn basic windsurfing maneuvers or progress.

The board is built using a balanced and compact outline, especially tuned to provide positive feedback to the input of a lighter and younger rider. The proportional volume distribution keeps the board very stable and easy to handle at all times. A special scoop rocker provides a nice top speed and excellent planning performance. In higher winds, the board is faster, but still easy to control and very forgiving. The softer rails assure smooth jibes and top control in any situation. A power V provides a clean release and balances the power.

The Fanatic Ripper is equipped with a Total Soft Deck which keeps the rider comfortable and prevents injuries in case he falls. The board can be used with an optional center fin which adds extra stability. With the center fin removed, the board is faster and more agile and perfectly suitable for an exciting freeride. The board also features multiple strap positions, so the rider can choose the most comfortable stance according to his style and skill. The board is perfect for entry level cruising as well as for progression. It a kids’ board, but it can also be used by adults who want to have fun. The board is crafted using a High resistance Skin structure and features a soft EVA deck.