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Goya One Eco 2011

Goya One Eco 2011

Board Type: Freestyle  Wave
Manufacturer: Goya
Board sizes:

78L: 232x55.4 cm

86L: 234.5x58.7 cm

94L: 236x60.5 cm

102L: 238.5x62.8 cm


The new 2011 One is a very special board. It has a dual purpose: to offer top freestyle and wave performance. This line of boards has a long history and it is highly appreciated by riders all over the Globe. In 2011 a new version of the One is available. The board is available in Pro and Eco models, featuring similar design patterns, but different construction technologies.

The One Eco has a well balanced volume distribution which makes it very stable and assures top control in most wave conditions. Every size of the board is fine tuned to offer specific performance, depending on the rider’s needs. Larger One Eco sizes use a Power Fin Box for increased speed and a faster progressive rocker plus a V to concave bottom design. These are fast boards and work perfectly in lighter wind conditions. Smaller sizes of the One Eco also have a progressive rocker, but feature a single to double concave bottom design and use a US Fin Box. These models are more agile and work better in higher winds.

The Goya One Eco has plenty of power and pop, yet it is very easy to control. It can be used for fast casual wave cruising or for advanced technical freestyle maneuvers without problems. It can also perform aerial tricks with ease. The One Eco is crafted using the Eco construction technology, based on a wood double sandwich structure plus PVC reinforcements in critical areas. This structure assures a balanced weight to strength ratio and has a lower production cost, so the board is available to purchase for a very decent price.