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Goya Twin Fin 2010

Goya Twin Fin 2010

Board Type: Wave  Freestyle
Manufacturer: Goya
Board sizes:

Volume: 74L, 81L, 89L

Size: 230x54.5cm, 232x56.5cm, 234x58.5cm


With the release of the new 2010 windsurfing board line, Goya has decided to break all limits in innovation and performance and has created astonishing gear. Just like the Custom wave series boards, the new Twin Fin has been released in two versions, to suit a wide range of sailors and surfing conditions. The Limited Edition PVC model is made using an advanced technology that significantly lowers overall weight and increases speed and control. Once you power up the sail you will feel the board become light and run fast and precise on the water. The other version of this board is the Eco Wood model, constructed through the alignment of dual wood and PVC layers. This construction increases durability, and keeps the board light, since the PVC layer is extremely durable and the wood layer offers optimal flexibility out on the waves. Both models are considered small to medium in size, which means they are best used with 6.2 meter or smaller sails and by a lighter sailor.

The Goya Twin Fin Limited Edition PVC is available in a gold-yellow color scheme, and the Eco Wood model is available in silver-white color scheme. They are both reliable and efficient windsurfing boards in al wave sailing conditions, allowing the rider to experience high jumps, and fast speed.