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Goya X1 2010

Goya X1 2010

Board Type: Wave  Freestyle
Manufacturer: Goya
Board sizes:

Volume: 105L, 115L

Size: 235x65cm, 236x68cm


When it has designed the 2010 X1 board, Goya has focused on taking freestyle to whole new levels. That can mean only good news for extreme riders who love high speed and high jumps and need a board that meets any last one of their expectations. The sail is available in two editions, like Goya has used us, the PVC Limited Edition and the Eco Wood Model. Both are highly versatile boards, the main difference between them being the material used in the development. High Quality PVC is used for a lighter and faster board and double layers of wood and PVC for a more solid and stable board in high winds or waves. You should know that the Goya X1 is a quite aggressive board, and due to the compact and aerodynamic shape it runs really fast and offers massive hang time for big jumps. It almost resembles a racing board, but it features a slightly decreased nose rocker for additional handling capabilities. A new innovative feature is also the Reverse Sliding bevel for increased overall performance. The board accelerates in no time and offers a great pop in both high waves and flat water.

The board can be used for early planning, extreme freestyle and even bump and jump, while also delivering intense top speeds. The board comes with the Freestyle PRO UL from MFC, a fin that really pushes freestyle performance to the top.

The boards are best used with 7.5 or smaller sails, depending on volume and size.