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JP Freestyle Wave 2008

JP Freestyle Wave 2008

Board Type: Wave  Freestyle
Manufacturer: JP
Board sizes:

77 to 107 liters volume and 56.5x239 to 64x246 centimeters sizes.


The JP Freestyle Wave went through extensive research and development as well as extra testing before hitting the market. That is because JP team wanted to make sure that this board has all it takes to perform great at both freestyle and wave riding styles. And it has done a great job and the 2008 Freestyle Wave successfully mixes power with maneuverability to offer a perfect session.

The board packs plenty of power and offers high speed as well as increased lifting and bum and jump abilities. JP has used a narrower profile and more compact and hydrodynamic shape for this board. It makes it very hydrodynamic, and fast, and when it is fully powered up it is quite aggressive so it is recommended for and advanced or experienced rider who loves extreme moves. The Freestyle Wave has an increased V design, with a channel that for the flat scoop rocker and uses a curved rail line. This special design creates plenty of grip and maneuverability for the rider, to permit him to concentrate on the ride without any effort and increases the acceleration as well as turning and rotation speed. The curved bottom combined with the sharper tail offer a good power boost to increase top speed and early planning ability. The improved rails make the board easy to steer and assure a constant speed in high waves or flat waters. Additional control is gained through the use of a flatter deck. The soft tucked line makes the board agile and dynamic, great for a nice freestyle session, while the jumping and carving abilities make it great for intense wave riding. Just like the tail, the nose is quite sharp and has a slight elevation to allow the rider to tackle any wave easily and with minimum impact force. Even when it reaches top speed or when the conditions get worse, the JP Freestyle Wave still offers a responsive and reliable control.

Two versions of the Freestyle Wave are available: Pro Edition built on a Biax Carbon structure which balances the weight to strength ratio and in 100% Wood sandwich construction which assures extra stiffness and light weight. It comes in 77 to 107 liters volume and 56.5x239 to 64x246 centimeters sizes. For optimal performance, the manufacturer recommends that the board should be used with a 4.0 to 7.2 meters wide sail.