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JP Freestyle Wave 2009

JP Freestyle Wave 2009

Board Type: Wave  Freestyle
Manufacturer: JP

When it has created the Freestyle Wave, JP has focused on making a board that offers all round performance, a board that will suit a multitude of styles and conditions. And it has done a great job, and the new Freestyle Wave successfully combines the features of freestyle and wave boards, just like the name states and performs admirably in all conditions.

The slightly wider profile and compact outlines make it very dynamic and easy to steer. It packs enough volume to be very stable and sustain a heavier rider at the same time. A curved profile in the foot straps area combined with a narrower and thinner tail provide plenty of power for a high speed and great carves, just like a natural wave board. JP has used a scoped rocker line to assure that the Freestyle Wave can reach an impressive speed and has great early planning abilities. This feature also maximizes the grip, while reducing the drag, so the rider can experience a fast and smooth glide. The tucked line in the middle section combined with the enhanced rails offer extra maneuverability and allow the rider to perform fast and tight turns and rotations, while the board remains stable and predictable. No matter how fast it runs or how choppy the conditions are, the board performs flawless and offers the sailor a responsive and precise control. The board is user friendly too, so even a beginner rider can enjoy a nice wave or freestyle experience.

The transition between wave and freestyle performance is assured by the foot straps positioning. Depending on this position the rider can turn the board into a powerful wave machine or into a looser and agile freestyle platform. The JP Freestyle Wave is available in two versions: Pro Edition featuring a Carbon Kevlar and Biax Carbon structure for optimal balance between strength and weight, and Wood Edition, constructed on a 100% Wood sandwich technology reinforced with Biax Carbon, construction that assures a lighter weight and increased durability.

It comes in 77 to 107 liters volume and 55.8x238 to 64x248 centimeters sizes. For optimal efficiency JP recommends that the Freestyle Wave should use G10 fins and a 4.0 to 7.2 square meters sail.