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JP Polakow Twinser Wave 2010

JP Polakow Twinser Wave 2010

Board Type: Wave
Manufacturer: JP

When it has created the 2010 Polakow Twinser Wave, JP has carefully implemented the design features suggested by pro rider and champ Jason Polakow. And JP together with Jason have done a great job, since the board successfully mixes power, speed and maneuverability to take wave riding to new dimensions.

The board features a wider shape and has a narrower outline, so it takes maximum advantage of waves and wind to deliver an extremely fast ride. The twin fin setup provides increased grip and offers plenty of power for the rider to tackle any wave, no matter how high it is. The double concave to mono concave bottom design combined with enhanced rails make the JP Polakow Twinser Wave very stable and offer fast turns and rotations at the same time. The mono concave tail provides extra power release for early planning, high jumps or intense top speeds. Also the lifting ability of the board is increased by the dynamic shape of the hull. The board is not only powerful and fast, but also very maneuverable. The innovative fin configuration combined with the wide profile make it extremely stable and easy to maneuver. The rider has absolute control at all times, and no matter what moves he performs he receives only positive feedback from the Twinser. The great thing about the JP Polakow Twinser Wave is that it is rock solid and behaves predictable and reliable in high or medium waves. No matter how choppy the conditions get, the board offers unaltered performance.

It is available in Pro Edition, which means that it is constructed on a Biax Carbon technology with a blend of Carbon Kevlar. This construction balances very well the tensile strength and offers extra durability, while keeping the board at a light weight. The JP Polakow Twinser Wave comes in 74 and 82 liters volume and 54.5x229 and 56.5x233 centimeters sizes. For optimal performance JP recommends that the board should be used with G10 fins and a 4.0 to 6.0 meters wide sail.