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JP Real World Wave 2008

JP Real World Wave 2008

Board Type: Wave
Manufacturer: JP
Board sizes:

68 to 92 liters volume and 54.2x229 to 61.2x235 centimeters sizes.


The 2009 Real World Wave board has been around and has proven itself as a great all round wave riding board. Since the 2007 version was so successful, JP has continued the legacy in 2008 and has made the new model even better. The 2008 Real World Wave is a board that combines power with user friendly features and performs flawless in any possible condition.

The board is built on a wider and compact profile featuring shorter outlines to permit the rider experience a dynamic and fast glide. A narrower shape of the tail and a slightly lifted nose provide plenty of pop for early planning or high jumps. Also, the board has a perfect power release for extreme tricks or a high top speed. JP has used an innovative design for the bottom to create a very stable and maneuverable board which is powerful and fast at the same time. Real World Wave features an increased V design, with a channel that holds the flat scoop rocker and uses a curved rail line. This special design creates plenty of grip and maneuverability for the rider, to permit him to concentrate on the ride without any effort and increases the acceleration as well as turning and rotation speed. The tucked line and enhanced rails help the rider maintain a constant speed, while the flattened deck provides accurate steering and extra comfort. The board responds very well to any command and offers the rider a perfect and accurate control.

The board is very easy to set up and use and performs reliable even when the waves get higher and stronger so it is suitable for a beginner and experienced rider alike. Powerful and forgiving, the JP Real World Wave is a great all round wave riding platform.

It comes in two versions, Pro Edition built on a Biax Carbon structure which balances the weight to strength ratio and in 100% Wood sandwich construction which assures stiffness and light weight. It is available in 68 to 92 liters volume and 54.2x229 to 61.2x235 centimeters sizes and offers maximum performance when it is used with a 4.0 to 6.4 square meters sail.