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JP Slalom III 2008

JP Slalom III 2008

Board Type: Slalom  Race
Manufacturer: JP
Board sizes:

Volume: 69L, 89L, 109L, 119L

Size: 53x240cm, 59x240cm, 69x240cm, 79x240cm


Although JP has already released the fourth generation of slalom racing boards, the Slalom IV series, the Slalom III remains one of the most reliable and efficient slalom platforms ever. It blends power, speed and control to offer the ultimate racing sensations.

The Slalom III, just like the Slalom IV was developed by JP shaper Werner Gnigler and pro rider and world champ Micah Buzianis who made no compromise to build one of the best slalom boards ever. The board has a narrower shape with a longer outline to allow a fast and drag free glide. The volume is carefully balanced to assure good floatation and extra stability. JP has also used a thin profile design to lower the center of gravity and increase maneuverability. The thinner tip and middle area combined with thinner rails maximize acceleration and top speed and increase jibbing and upwind abilities. The board has the ability to power up with the lightest wind blow and takes maximum advantage of the water flow to keep the top speed constant for a long time. For extra power the larger size models are enhanced with tail cut outs. This permits them to generate plenty of pop, so the rider can run as fast as he wishes. Smaller models do not have this cut outs, but are more compact and dynamic so they also reach an intense speed very fast. JP Slalom III features a very comfortable deck to assure a smooth ride at all times. The deck is also constructed to optimize weight pressure and make the board very maneuverable. The rider can perform fast and tight turns and rotation without losing control even for a second. The board is not only extremely fast, but also responsive and agile and generates positive feedback at any command.

The Slalom III comes in Pro Edition, built on a Biax Carbon technology which makes it light and stiff and solid at the same time. For optimal performance JP recommends that it should be used with G10 fins and a 5.2 to 9.0 square meters sail, depending on volume and size.