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JP Slalom IV 2008

JP Slalom IV 2008

Board Type: Slalom  Race
Manufacturer: JP
Board sizes:

70 to 134 liters volume and 54x240 to 84x241 centimeters sizes.


When it comes to pro windsurfing and extreme riders and champs, JP makes no compromises and creates only high performance boards. Several designs by JP actually helped pro riders reach top places in world class competitions. The Slalom IV is one of the fastest and more powerful boards in 2008 lineup.

The board was developed by JP shaper Werner Gnigler with pro rider and world champ Micah Buzianis who made sure that it will be one of the best slalom racing boards ever. The board features a quite compact shape, with shorter outlines to allow the rider experience a fast and drag free glide. The proportional volume distribution creates optimal floatability and makes the board ultra stable and maneuverable. The JP Slalom IV has great top speed and impressive acceleration and jibbing abilities. This is possible through the use of enhanced bottom rails and rocker lines. The sailor can power up the board in the lightest wind and reach top speed in no time. Once it reaches top speed, the board is able to keep a constant glide for a long time. The nose features a slight lift, so the board has plenty of pop for extreme moves, and the rider can tackle any wave effortless.

Depending on the model size, the board features tail cut outs or wider tails. Actually, the smaller size models have no cut outs and larger ones have refined cut outs. This feature provides the perfect power release depending on the rider’s weight for maximum acceleration and helps the board deliver extra top speed. The fast rails and rocker also minimize friction and drag to permit the rider experience one of the fastest rides. Besides speed and power, JP has also focused on maneuverability. The sailor has a direct and responsive control during the whole ride and can perform fast and tight turns and rotation without any hassle.

The JP Slalom IV is available in Pro Edition, built on a Biax Carbon structure which balances very well the strength to weight ratio. It comes in 70 to 134 liters volume and 54x240 to 84x241 centimeters sizes. For top performance it is advised that the board should be used with a 5.4 to 10.7 meters wide sail.