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JP Slalom V 2010

JP Slalom V 2010

Board Type: Slalom  Race
Manufacturer: JP

The 2010 JP Slalom V went through extensive research and development and a long process of testing before being released on the market. That is because JP makes no compromises when it comes to reaching ultimate performance.

The Slalom V was designed by JP shaper Werner Gnigler and pro rider and champ Antoine Albeau. The two of them worked together to deliver a board that delivers efficiency close to perfection for any slalom enthusiast. A wider profile and a compact outline make the board really fast and easy to handle in a wide range of conditions. The volume is proportionally distributed to optimize floatability and stability and assure a smooth glide. Larger models pack additional volume, so they can support heavier riders. The bottom is enhanced with a V design which delivers the perfect amount of power for early planning, jibes and carves. This design also significantly increases maneuverability and provides plenty of grip. The board makes use of fast slalom rockers and rails to deliver extra acceleration and intense top speeds. The rounded nose allows the rider to tackle any wave and reduces the impact force. When it is fully powered up, the JP Slalom V has the capacity of locking the power and offers a constant speed for a long time. The great thing about the Slalom V is that it is very controllable. For a slalom board which is quite aggressive it offers an accurate and responsive steering. The rider can focus on his race without worrying about losing control even for a second. Even at high speeds the board turns and rotates fast and smooth and is agile and predictable.

The JP Slalom V is available in Pro Edition, constructed on a full Biax Carbon structure. This construction balanced very well the strength to weight ratio to deliver a light and extremely durable board. It comes in 72 to 132 liters volume and 45x236 to 82x238 centimeters sizes and for optimal performance it should be used with a 5.5 to 9.5 meters wide sail.