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JP Speed 2012

JP Speed 2012

Board Type: Freeride  Race
Manufacturer: JP
Board sizes:

53L: 228x45 cm
64L: 228x50 cm
73L: 231x54 cm


Speed sailing requires high performance gear and solid skills. If you are a hardcore rider and a speed addict, you need the new JP Speed to power your drives. The 2012 Speed is one of the fastest production boards available today. It is crafted by JP master shaper Werner Gnigler and it is the favorite board of pro rider and world champ Antoine Albeau. The board has a narrower and more compact profile which makes it very dynamic and agile. It doesn’t pack exaggerated volume, but still feels very stable and can be powered up in lighter winds.

The smart volume distribution makes it very fast and provides exceptional control at high speeds. A very fast rocker line provides intense top speed as well as better upwind and planning performance. The board planes easily and accelerates like a rocket. It is able to maintain a constant top speed for a long time and cuts through the waves very smooth. The board doesn’t even need a huge sail to go fast. The great thing about it is that even if it is a speed board it can perform nice jibes without hassle. The board comes equipped with special speed fins which reduce drag and assure a very fluid drive. The narrower tail provides perfect release and keeps the rider in control while performing fast turns or other maneuvers. A special Race Deck adds plenty of comfort and keeps the rider relaxed throughout the entire session.

The JP Speed is available in three versions. The Speed Gold Edition is crafted using a Textreme Carbon deck and an UD Carbon bottom and it is extremely light, the Pro Edition is crafted using a Biax Carbon technology and the FWS version is built using a durable Wood Sandwich structure. The JP Speed is perfect for race, freerace and even fast freeriders.