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JP Super Sport 2012

JP Super Sport 2012

Board Type: Freeride  Race
Manufacturer: JP
Board sizes:

100L: 239x62 cm
109L: 249x65 cm
118L: 249x69 cm
127L: 249x74 cm
136L: 249x79 cm


Hardcore and pro riders demand high performance board to power their drives. The new Super Sport offers speed and power, as well as top control and maneuverability. The board can be used in racing competitions as well as for casual races. It offers the maneuverability of a freeride board plus the speed of a racing board. The hydrodynamic shape of the board offers a fast and smooth glide, as well as improved control.

The JP Super Sport is available in Gold, Pro and FWS editions. The Super Sport Gold is very light due to the super light Textreme Carbon structure and feels much faster. The Pro edition is crafted using a Carbon technology which assures a perfect weight to strength ratio, while the FWS is crafted using a Full Wood Sandwich technology and it is available for a very competitive price. The board is tuned to offer a comfortable stance by keeping the pressure even on both feet. This way the rider can stay relaxed and concentrate on reaching a higher speed. The board has a parallel body position due to the wider tail and straighter tail curve outline. The rider can steer the board with no effort and enjoy a fast cruise.

The tail features special cut outs which provide better control during maneuvers and assure a good lift when needed. The sizes of the cut outs differ depending on the board’s size. JP has used a double concave V to flat v bottom design to assure a fast and fluid drive. This feature also makes the board stable and allows it to suppress shocks resulted from rough wave impacts. The JP Super Sport offers incredible high speed and exceptional control. It is perfect for a nice race, freerace or freeride session.

JP Super Sport 2012 Average Rating: 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 user reviews.
JP Super Sport 2012 Reviewed on Dec 22nd 2011
Rating: 5.0 out of 5

It combines the best elements of a freeride and race board. Control is good and the board feels easy to handle. At the same time it has a fast speed upwind and downwind. Jibes are nice and grip is good too.

JP Super Sport 2012 Reviewed on Dec 22nd 2011
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

A board which balances speed and comfort. It runs fast, but it also has smart jibbing abilities. The longer outline keeps it stable in chop and flat waters. It has the same locked feel as the 2011 model. The board is great for technical riders that l...more