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JP X-Cite Ride II 2009

JP X-Cite Ride II 2009

Board Type: Freeride
Manufacturer: JP

The JP X-Cite Ride II went through a long process of research and development and extensive testing before being released on the market. And that is because JP Australia wanted to create a board which mixes performance with fun. And it has done a great job, since the X-Cite Ride II is easy to use and has plenty of power. It is actually one of the most efficient and reliable freeride boards.

The board has a more compact and narrow shape plus a proportional volume distribution to deliver a fast and stable glide. The great thing about the JP X-cite Ride II is that once it is set on the water it feels light and it is very easy to steer. The board is also thinner, feature which lowers the center of gravity and creates maximum stability and grip. A less curved outline in the middle area combined with an accentuated curve one in the straps area generate additional traction and reduce the drag. Therefore the sailor can enjoy a very fast ride and control the board effortless. JP has used a full rail line and an enhancer rocker to maximize both grip and speed. The board is extremely stable and offers great acceleration and upwind performance. It can be powered up very easy, even in light wind and delivers nice top speed and fast turns and rotations. Once powered up it maintains a constant speed for a long time. JP Australia has used the innovative JP channel feature combined with an increased V design in the bottom area for additional grip and maximum maneuverability. The straight rocker also provides plenty of pop for early planning, lifts or any other trick. The rider can steer the board very easy and doesn’t need to worry about losing control no matter what moves he performs. Depending on the foot straps positions the power delivery can be adjusted perfectly: more power for advanced rider and less power for the beginner ones.

The JP X-Cite Ride II is available in three versions, depending on the technology used in the development process: Pro Edition constructed with Biax Carbon composites, 100% Wood sandwich structure and Epoxy sandwich construction. To cover a large weight range it comes in 100 to 160 liters volume and 62.5x246 to 78x253cm sizes. Optimal performance is reached when the X-Cite Ride is used with a 7.4 to 10.0 meters wide sail.