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Mistral Energy 2009

Mistral Energy 2009

Board Type: Freeride
Manufacturer: Mistral
Board sizes:

Volume: 130L, 140L, 150L

Size: 72x258cm, 76x258cm, 80x259cm


When it has developed the new windsurfing board lineup for 2009 Mistral has focused on making it as efficient and reliable as possible, so it can satisfy the needs of the most demanding riders out there. The Energy is such a board, created with pure performance in mind and ready to take freeride to whole new levels.

As soon as the rider sets the board on the water he will see that the name suits perfect for the board. It is extremely agile and dynamic and very maneuverable at the same time. The volume is proportionally distributed throughout the body so in creates perfect floatation and makes the board really stable. The improved scoop rocker line makes the board very fast. It accelerates very quickly and once it reaches top speed is able to keep it constant for a long time. The increased V bottom design makes the board easy to steer and maneuver in a multitude of wind and wave conditions. The rider can experience fast turns and rotations and the board has plenty of power for a fast run, but it is very responsive all the time. The direct and accurate control allows the rider to perform any move without any effort. 

The great thing about the Mistral energy is that it has several foot straps positions to permit the rider chose the best stance. Depending on the foot straps position the board deliver less power for a less experienced rider and more power for an experienced one. This way any sailor, regardless of skill level can enjoy a great freeride session. The deck is equipped with soft Air Pod pads and the foot straps are flexible and easy to adjust, so the rider has maximum comfort during the whole session.

To make the board very durable and still keep it light the manufacturer has constructed it on a Carbon Custom Sandwich technology which balances perfectly the weight to strength ratio. The Energy is best used with a sail up to 9.5 square meters, depending on size and volume.