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Mistral Equipe III 2009

Mistral Equipe III 2009

Board Type: Race  Freeride
Manufacturer: Mistral
Board sizes:

130 to 150 liters volume and 72x258 to 80x259 centimeters sizes.


The Mistral Equipe III went through a long process of research and development as well as extensive testing before being released on the market. That is because the acclaimed manufacturer wanted to make sure that the Equipe III offers both speed and maneuverability and takes freeride and racing to new dimensions.

The board is built on a wider profile and features a longer outline which creates good longitudinal balance and nice floatation. The board packs plenty of volume proportionally distributed from tip to tail so it can sustain a heavier rider. The lower scoop rocker line is quite fast and provides increased top speed. Also the board is capable of accelerating in no time and when it reaches top speed it is able to maintain it constant for a long time.  Mistral has used a narrower nose and a slightly wider tail to increase traction and minimize drag. This allows the rider to glide through the water fast and smooth. The enhanced rails also increase traction and add extra power for the rider who loves a intense top speed and performs extreme moves. Besides power and speed, Mistral has also focused on maneuverability. The increased V bottom design makes the Equipe III easy to handle and offers the rider a direct and accurate control. Even at high speeds or when it is overpowered, the board remains stable and has a perfect grip.

A great thing about the Mistral Equipe III is that it offers several foot straps positions. Depending on these positions the board gets more stable and maneuverable for a less experienced rider or delivers more power and gets quite aggressive to suit an advanced rider. The soft Air Pod Pads and the flexible and easy to adjust foot straps assure that the rider is comfortable the whole session.

To make the board stiff and durable but light at the same time Mistral has used a Carbon Custom sandwich construction technology. The Mistral Equipe III comes in 130 to 150 liters volume and 72x258 to 80x259 centimeters sizes to suit a large weight range. Mistral recommends that the board should be used with G10 fins and a sail up to 9.5 square meters for optimal performance.