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Mistral GPS Speed 2010

Mistral GPS Speed 2010

Board Type: Race
Manufacturer: Mistral
Board sizes:

63 liters volume and 47x226 centimeters size.


The windsurfing boards lined up for 2010 by Mistral are quite impressive. The acclaimed manufacturer has come up with a large variety of boards to meet the most demanding needs of all types of riders. The 2010 GPS Speed is built with one purpose: to deliver the fastest possible speed and win any race. And it does that without any compromises.

The board is built with a compact and narrow profile to maximize hydrodynamic capabilities. It does not have a large amount of volume, but it is perfectly balanced and distributed proportionally through the body. This feature makes the GPS Speed very stable and easy to handle. A flatter nose shape and an increased V design towards the tail assure that the rider can tackle any wave and has a good amount of power for an intense top speed and a great lift. The tucked rail lines allow the board to slide very fast and without almost any drag. The board accelerates very fast and once fully powered is able to maintain a constant top speed throughout the whole session. The Mistral GPS Speed is not only extremely fast but also very maneuverable. Even at top speed, when the sail is overpowered or when the conditions get worse, the board remains responsive and reliable. The sailor can focus on his race, perform fast turns and rotations without worrying about losing control even for a second. Mistral provides soft pads and easy to adjust foot straps to keep the rider comfortable the whole time, but does not supply any fins. It leaves the fin setup at the choice of the rider.

The Mistral GPS Speed is built on a Carbon Glass sandwich technology which makes it light and very stiff and durable at the same time. The board is available only in 63 liters volume and 47x226 centimeters size. For optimal performance it is recommended that the board should be used with a 4.2 to 7.0 square meters sail.