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Mistral Highwind Slalom 2010

Mistral Highwind Slalom 2010

Board Type: Slalom  Race  Freeride
Manufacturer: Mistral

When it has created the Highwind Slalom board Mistral has focused on two aspects: speed and maneuverability. And it has done a great job since the board successfully delivers an intense top speed and remains accurate and reliable at all times.

The board is quite narrow and has an ergonomic and compact line allow the board to slide through the waves at impressive speeds while being perfectly stable and easy to control. A good slalom board needs plenty of acceleration, so Mistral has enhanced the tail with a slight kick. This feature not only increases acceleration, but also optimizes the power release so the rider can tackle any wave without problems. The great thing about the Mistral Highwind Slalom is that once it reaches top speed it is able to maintain it constant for a long time. Not only that the board is powerful and very fast, but also it is very easy to maneuver. After all at high speeds the rider needs high maneuverability.

Mistral has used a combination of soft rails and a tucked line in the front foot surface to increase control. The board turns and rotates very fast and performs great jibes. The increased speed mixed with extra handling make the Mistral Highwind Slalom the perfect racing and freeride machine.  Mistral provides soft pads and easy to adjust foot straps to keep the rider comfortable the whole time, but does not supply any fins. It leaves the fin setup at the choice of the rider. 

The board is constructed on a Carbon Glass sandwich structure which balances perfectly the strength to weight ratio. It is available in two ranges: 78 and 95 liters volume and 45x238 and 59x240 centimeters sizes. Depending on the model, Mistral recommends that the board should be used with 4.2 to 7.0 meters wide sail to reach optimal efficiency.