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Mistral Joker Freestyle 2010

Mistral Joker Freestyle 2010

Board sizes:

98 or 108 liters volume and 63x233 or 66.5x235 sizes.


Mistral is one of the most acclaimed windsurfing board manufacturers and the 2010 board lineup proves that it is for the right reason. The boards are engineered on new technologies and concepts and offer the perfect mix of efficiency and reliability.

The Joker Freestyle is powerful and user friendly at the same time and it is one of the best freestyle boards available. It features a compact shape with a narrower outline which makes it very agile and dynamic and permits the rider to experience a fast and drag free ride. The volume is proportionally distributed to increase stability and grip. The board’s ergonomic shape and the use of an enhanced flatter rocker line increases acceleration as well as top speed. The tail packs slightly more volume to permit fast turns and rotations and also to boost power for jumps or other tricks. The tucked line positioned in the rail optimizes the power delivery and makes steering and handling very easy. Due to this feature the Mistral Joker Freestyle is not only great for extreme and experienced riders but also suitable for beginner and intermediate ones too. The board can be powered up very easy and reaches an intense speed at no time. The great thing about the Joker is that even at high speeds or in less than perfect conditions it performs flawless. The rider has extra maneuverability and can perform any move without effort or without worrying about losing control. The board packs extra power for hardcore riders and is forgiving for the beginner rider so it is a great all round freestyle platform.

The Mistral Joker Freestyle is built on a Carbon Glass Sandwich technology which balances perfectly the strength to weight aspect ratio. It is available in 98 or 108 liters volume and 63x233 or 66.5x235 sizes. For optimal performance Mistral recommends that the Joker should be used with G10 Maui Ultra Fin X-Style fins and a 4.0 to 7.5 square meters sail.