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Mistral Joker Wave 2010

Mistral Joker Wave 2010

Board Type: Wave  Freestyle
Manufacturer: Mistral
Board sizes:

Volume: 89L, 95L

Size: 59x232cm, 61x234cm


The 2010 series of boards created by Mistral went through a long process of research and development and extensive testing before hitting the market. And Mistral has done a great job, and any rider can find the board which will suit him perfectly. Beginner or pro, and regardless of style he can be sure that out on the water the Mistral boards are unmatched. After the release of the Joker Freestyle, a very efficient freestyle board, Mistral has extended this series by adding the Mistral Wave.

The board is built with performance in mind and aims at taking wave riding to whole new levels. Although it is a wave board, the Joker Wave is extra maneuverable and very fast so it performs great at freestyle too. It is the perfect choice for the rider looking for an all in one solution. The board has a compact profile and a dynamic outline so it glides super fast and reaches an intense top speed. The trimmed rocker lines are enhanced to deliver extra speed and make the board very agile. This permits the rider to experience fast acceleration, nice early planning and increased speed. Once powered up, the Mistral Joker Wave can maintain a constant speed for a long time. The tucked under edge and softer rails assure maximum maneuverability in all conditions. The board performs great bump and jump moves and carves but it also has nice lifting abilities. The rider can perform fast and tight turns and rotations while the Joker remains stable and reliable. The flatter deck optimizes the weight pressure and significantly increases the grip. No matter how fast it runs or how high the waves are, the rider has a direct and precise control and receives only positive feedback at any move.

Comfortable, powerful, fast and very easy to control, the Mistral Joker Wave is a great wave riding and freestyle board. To make the board solid and durable, but light at the same time, Mistral has constructed the Joker on a Carbon Glass sandwich structure. Optimal performance is reached when the board is used with G10 Maui Ultra Fin X-Wave fins and a 4.0 to 6.5 meters wide sail, depending on volume and size.