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Mistral Lightwind Slalom 2010

Mistral Lightwind Slalom 2010

Board Type: Slalom  Race
Board sizes:

Volume: 110L, 123L, 140L

Size: 67x240cm, 75x238cm, 85x238cm


The windsurfing board lineup created by Mistral for 2010 is extensive and impressive at the same time. No matter how demanding a rider is, he will find the board that suits his needs perfectly. The Lightwind Slalom board comes to complete the racing series for 2010. Just like the Highwind Slalom, this board blends huge speed capabilities with super control to make sure the rider will finish any race in top positions.

The Lightwind Slalom features a wider profile and a longer outline which balances perfectly the longitudinal stability. The board has plenty of volume proportionally distributed from nose to tail so it floats very well and can support a heavier rider. The board is very fast and has plenty of power for extra top speed. This power is enhanced and optimized by the V bottom design and by the innovative tail cut outs. This construction minimizes the wetted surface and increases drastically the acceleration and up wind abilities. The great thing about the Mistral Lightwind Slalom is that it will get the sailor running fast and smooth when all other riders sit on the beach and hope for the wind to pick up. Besides speed and power, Mistral has focused on control too. The board is enhanced with softer rails and uses a tucked line in the front foot area to make steering easy and smooth. Even when it reaches top speed or it is overpowered the Lightwind Slalom remains stable and easy to maneuver. The rider can perform fast and tight turns and rotations and experience a great racing or freeriding session without any effort at all. The manufacturer provides soft pads and flexible, easy to adjust foot straps to make any ride as comfortable as possible, but does not supply any fins. It leaves the fin configuration at the choice of the rider.

The Mistral Lightwind Slalom is built on a Carbon Glass sandwich technology which assures a light weight and extra durability. For optimal efficiency it is recommended that the board should be used with 5.0 to 10.0 square meters sail, depending on size and volume.