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Mistral Prodigy 2009

Mistral Prodigy 2009

Board Type: Race  Beginner
Manufacturer: Mistral
Board sizes:

255 liters volume and an 87x298 centimeters size.


The Mistral Prodigy has been around for some while now and it has proved itself as one of the best recreational racing boards ever. That is because Mistral has discovered the secret to blend speed and maneuverability in a very easy to use board. Since the previous versions of the Prodigy were so successful, Mistral continues the legacy with the 2009 model. It is built on a similar pattern with the previous models, but it is enhanced to deliver even more fun and efficiency.

The board features a wider profile and quite a long outline. This shape increases longitudinal stability and offers the rider a larger planning surface. The board packs a good amount of volume so it has a nice grip, plenty of stability and can be used without problems by a heavier rider. The new rocker and rail lines are smooth and fast so the board can reach an intense top speed when it is fully powered up. The Mistral Prodigy is engineered to offer a quick acceleration and to take maximum advantage of the water flow and wind to maintain a constant top speed for a long time. A board which is intended to offer a high speed race and a recreational cruise at the same time must be highly maneuverable and forgiving. And the Mistral Prodigy is a very user friendly board. When it is used by an advanced rider it can offer an unmatched speed, and when a casual rider sets foot on it, becomes stable and easy to use. The rider can experience a fast and responsive control, and no matter how tight the turns and rotations are, the boars does not lose grip or stability. Fast and stable, powerful and easy to maneuver, the Prodigy delivers maximum performance for a racing competition or maximum fun for a relaxing ride.

Mistral has constructed the Prodigy on an EVA High Resistant Skin technology to make sure that the board is highly durable but also very light. The board is available in 255 liters volume and an 87x298 centimeters size and performs outstanding when it is used with a sail up to 12.5 square meters.

Mistral Prodigy 2009 Average Rating: 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 user reviews.
Mistral Prodigy 2009 Reviewed on Mar 1st 2011
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

A very good board for anyone. It is not an extreme freestyle and wave riding machine, but it has the power you need to pull out some nice tricks. It reaches a god speed and can be used in light wind. It is a very steady board. If you get tired of...more