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Mistral Shock Wave 2010

Mistral Shock Wave 2010

Board Type: Wave
Manufacturer: Mistral
Board sizes:

70 to 86 liters volume and 53.5x229 to 57.5x231 centimeters sizes.


The 2010 Mistral board lineup is very extensive and impressive at the same time. Mistral team has put a lot of work and passion in the development of these boards to make sure they meet the needs of the most demanding riders. Mistral Shock Wave went through extensive research and development and has been released to complete the wave riding board models for this year.

The board is very well engineered and capable of handling all wave and wind conditions. It has a more compact and narrow profile which allows a smooth and fast glide. The board features a rounder tip which enhances maneuverability and allows the rider to tackle any wave without any effort. The enhanced rails make steering very accurate and easy. The board turns and rotates quite fast, but it remains stable and reliable. The volume is optimally distributed to create increased floatation and stability. The rider can focus on the waved and perform any move without worrying about losing control even for a second. The board is responsive and precise at all times. The board is also enhanced with tail kick and a faster rocker line. These features provide plenty of power for hardcore moves and an extreme top speed. They also increase early planning and acceleration abilities. An improved bottom shape helps the board take maximum advantage of the water flow and deliver additional power for the hardcore wave rider. Fast, powerful and extremely accurate the Mistral Shock Wave is the ultimate waveriding weapon.

Mistral has used a Carbon Glass sandwich structure for the board to assure extra durability and light weight. The board is available in 70 to 86 liters volume and 53.5x229 to 57.5x231 centimeters sizes. To reach maximum efficiency the manufacturer recommends that the Shock Wave should be used with G10 Maui Ultra Fin X-Wave fins and a 3.3 to 6 square meters sail.