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Mistral Style 2009

Mistral Style 2009

Board Type: Wave  Freeride
Board sizes:

Volume: 85L, 95L, 105L

Size: 59x237cm, 61x239cm, 63x242cm


Mistral windsurfing boards are among the most acclaimed ones on the market and for the right reason. They are released after intense research and development as well as extensive testing, because the manufacturer wants to make sure they will meet the needs of the most demanding riders. The new 2009 Style is such a board which is constructed on a new technology and concepts and perfectly blends power and speed with extra control.

The board is engineered with a more compact and dynamic shape and has a narrower profile to offer a fast and drag free slide. It is a very powerful wave and freemove board and has awesome jumping, acceleration and speed capabilities. The fast scoop rocker line adds extra acceleration and significantly increases top speed. The Mistral Style reaches an intense speed in no time and is capable of maintaining it constant for a long time. Mistral has used thinner rails and fast rocker lines to assure maximum traction without any drag and friction. The board has plenty of pop to satisfy the needs of any hardcore and extreme sailor. It is very easy to use but it is recommended for and advanced and experienced rider who can master the pure force it unleashes. Besides power and speed Mistral has also focused on maneuverability. No other board turns and rotates as fast as the Style while remaining perfectly stable and reliable. Even at high speeds or in choppy conditions the rider has optimal control and the board is responsive and accurate. It generates only positive feedback at any command. Plenty of comfort is assured by the flexible and easy to adjust foot straps and soft Air Pod pads.

The Mistral Style is truly a masterpiece which mixes power and speed with super control and stability to offer a unique wave riding or freemove session. The board is available in two structures, the Custom sandwich one and Carbon Kevlar. Both are solid and stiff, but the Carbon Kevlar construction assures a lighter weight. For optimal efficiency, the manufacturer recommends that the Style should be used with a sail up to 6.9 square meters.