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Mistral Syncro 2009

Mistral Syncro 2009

Board Type: Wave  Freestyle
Manufacturer: Mistral
Board sizes:

Volume: 104L, 114L, 124L

Size: 61x243cm, 65x248cm, 68x251cm


The Syncro has proven itself as a great all round windsurfing board which excels at more than one style. The board went through extensive research and development and extreme testing before hitting the market. That is because Mistral makes no compromises and has blended new technology and concepts to offer all riders the ultimate windsurfing platform.

The board features a wider profile and longer refined outlines to assure that any glide is smooth and fast. The fast and flat rocker line provides the perfect amount of power necessary for early planning, jumping, jibes and caves. The board is very powerful and turns quite aggressive when it is fully powered up, so it is recommended for and advanced and experienced rider who can master the force it unleashes. The flatter rocker combined with an increased V bottom design significantly improve top speed and acceleration. The board has plenty of traction power and once it reaches maximum speed it locks it down and is able to maintain it constant for a long time. This feature makes it perfect for racing enthusiasts. Besides speed and power, the Mistral Syncro offers super maneuverability.  The bevel and improved rails featuring increased tuck maximize grip and make the board very responsive and easy to handle. The rider can perform fast and tight turns and rotations or high jumps easily and without any effort at all. He can focus on his moves, without worrying about losing control even for a second. The longer nose line allows the rider to tackle any wave with minimum wave impact, while the flatter deck optimizes weight pressure and assures extra grip. Also the board has extra stability, due to the balanced volume distribution. Maximum comfort is provided by the use of easy to adjust pads and soft Air Pod pads.

The Mistral Syncro is built on a Carbon structure which makes it extremely durable and very light. The board is best used with a sail up to 7.8 square meters for top performance, depending on size and volume.