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Mistral Twinzer 2009

Mistral Twinzer 2009

Board Type: Wave
Board sizes:

Volume: 76L, 84L, 92L

Size: 56x223cm, 59x225cm, 63x231cm


The Mistral 2009 windsurfing board lineup is extensive and impressive at the same time. The well known manufacturer has used new technology and concepts to offer all riders the perfect boards they search for. It has blended versatility and reliability in models that suit all styles, conditions and skill levels. The new Twinzer is here to take windsurfing as we know it to whole new levels.

The board features a narrower profile and has a shorter outline. This compact and hydrodynamic shape allows it to slide smoothly and be very agile. The narrower nose permits the rider to tackle small and high waves alike effortless and with minimum impact force. The board is enhanced with a V bottom design in the back area as well as with improved rails which assure perfect control at all times. Fast turns and rotations as well as jumps can be performed very easy and with little or no effort at all. The rider can enjoy a great session and perform every possible move because the Mistral Twinzer is responsive and very stable. The new twin fin configuration maximizes traction and increases steering capabilities to make the board even more efficient. The board packs plenty of power for more extreme riders who love hardcore tricks and super speed. Mistral has used a straight rocker to increase the board’s early planning and acceleration capabilities. When it is fully powered up, the Twinzer reaches an intense top speed, but remains controllable and predictable. The new vertical cut backs optimize the power release and make the Twinzer a great wave machine. Extra comfort during the ride is assured by flexible, easy to adjust foot straps and new Air Pod pads. Fast, powerful, easy to use and user friendly, the Mistral Twinzer offers great wave performance for all riders out there.

To make a board which is highly durable and still very light, Mistral has used a Carbon Kevlar Sandwich technology. The Twinzer comes also in 84 liters Marcilio Browne Pro Edition, besides standard versions. It performs great with a sail up to 6.2 meters wide, depending on volume and size.