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RRD Freestyle Wave 2008

RRD Freestyle Wave 2008

Board Type: Wave  Freestyle
Manufacturer: RRD
Board sizes:

80 to 115 liters volume.


The Freestyle Wave or FSW is a board with a long history in RRD’s product line. Since it was released few years ago, the board had a lot of success among all freestyle enthusiasts. Over the years RRD has improved more and more this model, and the new 2008 Freestyle Wave stands now as one of the top performance windsurfing boards available on the market. The rider can choose between two designs, the one featuring glass and wood construction or the one built with carbon and Kevlar fabrics. Both are reliable and efficient, but the last one is a bit lighter. The shape features a narrowed tip and tail to deliver extra speed and pop for jumps and increased velocity.

Out on the water the FSW offers fast turns and great early planning capabilities, and performs admirable at advanced tricks or just at riding the waves. RRD has also worked at increasing handling and the board fells very responsive and generates good feedback for the rider. The volume is proportionally distributed, with a slight shift towards the tip, feature which makes the RRD Freestyle Wave extremely stable, while also increasing the grip. The board is so easy to use even in high waves or wind and offers such a comfortable and predictable ride that is perfect even for beginner sailors who want to experience quality freestyle sessions. Top performance is reached when the board is used with MFC G10 fins.

To cover a large scale of weight, the RRD Freestyle Wave is available in 80 to 115 liters volume. The graphics of the board have also a unique touch, so the Freestyle wave really stands out in the crowd.