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RRD Twin Joy Kids Freestyle 2010

RRD Twin Joy Kids Freestyle 2010

Board Type: Wave  Freestyle
Manufacturer: RRD
Board sizes:

65 liters volume and 215x56 centimeters size.


Are you a windsurfing enthusiast that spends hours out on the open water enjoying your riders? And does your kid admire you and hopes to be just like you someday? If the answer to this question is yes than Roberto Ricci Designs has come with the perfect solution to help your child ride along your side safe and comfortable. RRD knows very well that a young rider needs a special board and cannot become a pro unless it uses especially designed gear, so the 2010 Twin Joy Kids Freestyle is a board designed with efficiency and maneuverability in mind. The board is constructed using a no V hull design to improve stability and make it great for early planning. This design also provides more traction and power for the children sailors that wish to progress and learn new tricks. The deck is almost completely flattened, feature used to offer additional comfort, but also floatability and speed. The acceleration and top speed are decent, but will not put your kid in trouble even if the sail is overpowered. Children also need a board which is extremely light, so the Twin Joy Kids Freestyle Single Shot Glass sandwich construction has been used to lower the weight as much as possible and increase overall maneuverability.

Even if the board is lightweight, it is reinforced to outstand all weather conditions and take all the possible punishment without suffering any damage. Light, durable, easy to use and efficient, the RRD Twin Joy Kids Freestyle is the perfect board for all young riders out there.

The board comes in 65 liters volume and 215x56 centimeters size. The recommended fin is MFC Gromstyle and it is best used with sails ranging from 2.0 to 4.5 meters wide.