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RRD Twintip 2010

RRD Twintip 2010

Board Type: Wave  Freestyle
Manufacturer: RRD
Board sizes:

88, 100 and 109 liters volume and 233x62, 233x64, 233x67 centimeters sizes.


Roberto Ricci Designs has always focused on creating high performance and highly reliable windsurfing gear, because their team knows that any rider needs reliability when it sets out on the water. The 2010 Twintip board is built on the same pattern as the 2009 model, since it was a very successful board, but of course it features several innovations and enhancements. The Twintip is engineered to be very stable, and once it is set on the waves it has a nice grip. A larger tail provides plenty of power for tricks, and even if the board does not have an awesome acceleration, once it is powered it reaches impressive speeds. The Twintip offers fast turns and plenty of pop and that is why it performs great at freestyle moves, at jumps and tricks. The board is pretty large to provide extra floatability and stability in high winds, or when it is used by a heavier rider. A flat rocker line and an innovative hull make the Twintip extremely maneuverable and put the rider in total control.

Since it is very easy to steer and handle it can be used without any effort by intermediate and advanced freestylers alike. Additional volume has been concentrated in the tip and tail areas to provide additional power when the board is used for extreme and hardcore riding. For increased durability RRD has used a Herex 100 sandwich construction and Kevlar reinforcements.

It is available in 88, 100 and 109 liters volume and 233x62, 233x64 and 233x67 centimeters sizes.