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RRD TwinTip Ltd V2 2011

RRD TwinTip Ltd V2 2011

Board Type: Freestyle
Manufacturer: RRD
Board sizes:

90L: 230x60 cm

100L: 231x64 cm


RRD team is dedicated to improve the riding experience of all sailors out there. In 2011 a new line of board is ready to revolutionize the windsurfing world. All boards are crafted with minute attention to detail and intend to offer the best performance in their class. The new TwinTip Ltd V2 is especially designed for freestyle enthusiasts. It packs plenty of pop, it is fast and fun to ride. The board is perfect for advanced freestylers, but it can be also used by less experienced ones. The TwinTip Ltd V2 is crafted using a new shaping technology which makes it very dynamic and easy to handle.

The compact and narrower profile generates a smooth and fast glide and assures better planning performance even in lighter winds. The shorter outline also assures better pop for aerial maneuvers and spectacular jumps and combined with the slightly symmetrical shape it allows the rider to perform double maneuvers without hassle. The increased tail thickness improves the early planning performance, as well as top speed. It also makes the board snappier so the rider can perform spectacular new school tricks without effort.

The innovative recessed deck provides exceptional grip and control in choppy waters. At the same time the bottom design provides optimal stability and a smooth water flow and release. The smart volume distribution adds extra stability. The freestyle oriented rocker line keeps the rider in control at all times and provides better upwind performance. The RRD team has engineered the TwinTip Ltd V2 using a custom Herex 100 sandwich top and bottom, plus a Carbon Kevlar Deck. This construction makes the board light and very durable. The RRD TwinTip Ltd V2 is a powerful freestyle weapon in the hands of an experienced rider.