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RRD Wave Cult 2008

RRD Wave Cult 2008

Board Type: Wave
Manufacturer: RRD
Board sizes:

Range: 75, 80, 85 and 90 litres.

Width: 55.5cm, 57cm, 59cm, 62cm


When it creates a windsurfing board RRD blends the latest technology and innovations to deliver a product close to perfection. That is the case with the 2008 Wave Cult, the only wave board designed for wave in the 2008 board lineup. It is a board so versatile and efficient that meets all the demands any rider could possibly have. The board is available in two versions, the Wave Cult and the Wave Cult Hardcore. The Hardcore model is built on the same pattern as the Wave Cult, but it is enhanced to perform very well in the worse possible conditions. A rounder profile and a slightly larger tip and tail make the board very stable in all wave conditions and deliver a nice grip. The Wave cult is engineered to deliver a nice power boost and is great for big jumps and early planning. The rider has a responsive and precise control all the time and can concentrate on his moves and tricks without any effort and hassle. Although it is powerful wave riding machine, the board is really forgiving and offers a comfortable ride. The fact that it has enhanced maneuverability and it is easy to handle makes it a great asset for beginner and advanced sailors alike.

The RRD Wave Cult accelerates quickly and reaches high velocity when it unleashes all the power potential and turns fast and accurate. Although it performs nice in any wave conditions, it delivers maximum efficiency when it is used in on shore and side shore waters. Fast, accurate, very maneuverable and lightweight, the Wave Cult is the perfect choice for wave riding, bump and jump and once you set foot on it you will have a extraordinary experience.