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RRD Wave Twin 2010

RRD Wave Twin 2010

Board sizes:

66 to 99 liters volume and 232x52.5 to 225x62 centimeters sizes.


The 2009 model of the Wave Twin had a great success among all wave riders out there, so RRD has decided to continue the series with a new version for 2010. Since the 2009 board was a versatile and efficient sailing machine, the 2010 model is built on the same pattern and features a few improvements. The shape and profile are the same as the previous version, and the proportional spreading of the volume makes the board have a nice grip and be very stable in gusty conditions. The sharp tip and the rounded tail combined with the refined edges make the RRD Wave Twin run at impressive speeds and deliver nice turns and rotations. The mast box positioning was changed, and the fin boxes shifted slightly forward, to deliver maximum traction and acceleration capabilities. Once it is set out on the water, the board performs very well in all sorts of wave conditions. It has a responsive and precise control, and the rider can comfortably enjoy a smooth glide without worrying about unwanted twists.

The RRD Wave Twin is constructed using a Biaxial Glass sandwich structure with a Epoxy and Herex 100 bottom. This construction makes the board very durable and solid, but also very light. It is not a very large board, and the compact and aerodynamic shape offers the rider a great speed and plenty of pop for tricks and jumps. The white silver background color combined with the unique imprints make the board stand out in the crowd.

It is recommended for a use with a 6.4 meters or smaller sail, depending on the board volume and size and with MFC fins. It is available in 66 to 99 liters volume and 232x52.5 to 225x62 centimeters sizes.