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RRD Wave Twin LTD 2009

RRD Wave Twin LTD 2009

Board Type: Wave  Freestyle
Manufacturer: RRD
Board sizes:

Volume: 66L, 74L, 82L, 90L, 99L

Size: 232x52.5cm, 233x55cm, 234x57.5cm, 235x60cm, 225x62cm


When it comes to windsurfing gear, RRD is one of the most respected and acclaimed manufacturers. And that is because it always has delivered incredible versatile and efficient equipment, which meets all the demanding needs of the riders. The 2009 Wave Twin LTD board is no exception and it is built with performance and accuracy in mind. The tip is wider and combined with the twin fin configuration delivers maximum stability and grip on the water. Meanwhile, the tail has been narrowed to provide additional power for high top speeds and big jumps. Extreme and Hardcore riders will love the great pop, as well as the highly responsive and sharp control. RRD Wave Twin LTD is built using the innovative Triaxial Carbon sandwich technology and Epoxy and Herex 100 fabrics for the bottom. This construction makes the board very durable, so it can take any punishment without sustaining damage.

The Wave Twin LTD is also a very comfortable board and uses soft foot pads and straps. Once it is set on the water the rider will notice that he has total control, and the board reacts responsive and predictable so he can focus on his moves without worrying about unwanted twists and turns. The concave and double concave hull design assures both nice power delivery and increased maneuverability. Versatile, with plenty of power for jumps, speed and turns, the RRD Wave Twin LTD is the perfect wave sailing machine.

Top performance is achieved when it is used with the recommended G10 MFC Fins and a 3.2 to 6.5 meters wide sail.