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RRD X-Fire Ltd V3 2011

RRD X-Fire Ltd V3 2011

Board Type: Race  Slalom
Manufacturer: RRD
Board sizes:

80L: 235x53 cm

90L: 240x59 cm

102L: 235x65 cm

112L: 235x69.5 cm

122L: 225x79 cm

135L: 225x85 cm


Slalom racing is one of the most demanding windsurfing disciplines. It requires a solid set of skills and high performance gear. The new X-Fire Ltd V3 was especially crafted by RRD to help dedicated slalom riders win world class competitions. The board is engineered using a special construction technology. Smaller sizes of the X-Fire Ltd V3 are built using a PVC and Carbon UD sandwich deck structure and Glass bottom, while larger sizes of the board are crafted using a PVC and Biax Carbon deck and a Carbon UD bottom.

This construction technology makes the board robust and light. Larger models also feature a wider outline and pack a bit more volume. They are engineered to get the rider going extremely fast in marginal wind conditions. The board reaches insane speeds and offers top control. A new scoop rocker line generates a quick acceleration and propels the board upwind like a rocket. The cut out design adds more speed to the drive and provides optimal lift when needed. The mast track is positioned a bit forward to provide flawless control at top speed. A special concave deck area in the nose section adds even more control and allows the rider to handle the board without any effort.

The sharp rails generate quick and accurate jibes and maintain a good speed when exiting a jibe. At the same time, the new tail design assures perfect water release and allows the rider to experience unmatched turn and twist control. The hydrodynamic shape of the RRD X-Fire Ltd V3 provides outstanding early planning performance and assures a very fluid drive. The board is very responsive and accurate at high speeds and it is guaranteed to offer a sensational slalom session. It is perfect for daring riders who compete in world class events.

RRD X-Fire Ltd V3 2011 Average Rating: 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 user reviews.
RRD X-Fire Ltd V3 2011 Reviewed on Dec 23rd 2011
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

The board planes very fast and smooth. It is also fast and has perfect acceleration. A good slalom board.