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Simmer Style Freewave 2012

Simmer Style Freewave 2012

Board Type: Freestyle  Wave
Manufacturer: Simmer Style
Board sizes:

85L: 233x58.5 cm

95L: 235x60.5 cm

105L: 237x63.5 cm


Simmer Style team is always looking to improve the riding experience of all sailors by crafting top quality gear. The new boards introduced for the 2012 season are built using a new shaping and construction technology which makes them extremely reliable and versatile. The Freewave is a special board which offers incredible freestyle and wave riding performance. The board features a wider outline and a narrower tail. This profile makes it very snappy in turns and improves overall control in chop.

The board can be fine tuned to suit different riding needs, according to the rider’s choice. When used with a single fin setup, the Freewave offers classic freestyle and wave performance, it jumps high and glides smooth and generates quick and agile turns. When it is used with a thruster fin setup, it offers improved lightwind and early planning performance and turns into a very fast and powerful wave board. The tri fin setup also improves upwind performance. The board uses a fast rocker line which improves turning speed and top speed. This rocker line also assures excellent control. The low tucked rails assure a more forgiving drive and better control during backward slides. The rails are also optimized to provide better grip and enhanced turning speed and release.

The Simmer Style Freewave features a double concave bottom design which assures a very fluid and smooth drive and keeps the board stable at all times. At the same time, a flatter section of the bottom creates a more dynamic ride. Simmer Style has engineered the Freewave using a special Carbon X technology which makes the board more responsive and dynamic. This technology also allows it to suppress powerful wave impacts in order to assure a comfortable drive.