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Starboard Atom 2011

Starboard Atom 2011

Board Type: Freeride
Manufacturer: Starboard
Board sizes:

99L: 238x68.5 cm


The new 2011 Atom is one of the most versatile freeride boards ever. It is engineered using a new shaping technology which makes it much faster and responsive than other freeride boards available on market. The secret behind the Atom’s high performance is the fact that it has an ultra slim design. Due to the thin shape combined with the smart volume distribution, the Atom can be used in various wind and wave conditions and offers a very smooth glide. The thinner profile defines a lower center of gravity which makes the board very stable in high winds.

Used with a smaller fin, the Atom is easy t control and rips the waves in powerful winds. At the same time, due to the wider tail and profile, the board is fast and agile in light winds. It can be used with a longer fin and with a larger sail to experience a fast drive in marginal winds. A great thing about the Atom is that it can be used with or without straps, depending on the rider’s style. The large dual layer monopod assures plenty of comfort when the board is used without straps. Strapless riding with the Atom offers a new level of freedom out on the waves.

The Starboard Atom is suitable for both advanced and progressive riders. When used by an experienced rider, the Atom jibes and carves like no other board and offers incredible high speeds. At the same time it feels very stable and reacts quickly to any input, so it can be used by progressive riders in higher winds without problems. The Starboard Atom is equipped with a Powerbox fin box which can accommodate a 26 up to 40 cm fin. The board is available in Wood and Technora editions. The Atom Technora is extremely robust and can handle extreme surf conditions with ease.