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Starboard Carve 2012

Starboard Carve 2012

Board Type: Freeride
Manufacturer: Starboard
Board sizes:

111L: 245x66 cm

121L: 252x72 cm

131L: 252x75.5 cm

141L: 251x79.5 cm

151L: 254x79.5 cm

171L: 271x85.5 cm


The Carve has always been a fantastic freeride board. In 2012 a new Carve board is available and ready to take freeride to a new level. The new model borrows a few features from the previous versions, but it is engineered using a new shaping technology which makes it faster and more accurate. The board has a faster carving response, it can reach impressive speeds and it is easy to control. It is perfect for expert ad dedicated freeriders, as well as for less experienced ones that enjoy a relaxing cruise.

The board is designed using a longer nose outline which improves longitudinal stability. Extra stability is added by the proportional volume distribution. The refined profile offers a perfect mix of bottom end power and low speed stability. An increased V in the tail assures perfect release and generates extra power for speed sailing. The reduced V in the nose optimizes the water flow and generates a fluid drive. Starboard has implemented the Dual Flat Concept rocker line in the design of the Carve. The first flat section under the feet assures exceptional planning performance, while the second flat section in the tail area creates a lose feeling when riding and assures top control in any situation.

This kind of rocker also improves maneuverability without affecting speed and acceleration. The Starboard Carve has special insert positions for intermediate, advanced and expert riders. The board is available in Wood, Technora and Tufskin versions. The Wood version feels crisper and stiffer and has high dynamic shape stability, the Technora version is lighter and snappier and the Tufskin version is the most durable. All Carve boards perform outstanding and are about to revolutionize the world of freeride.