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Starboard Evo IQ 2011

Starboard Evo IQ 2011

Board Type: Wave
Manufacturer: Starboard
Board sizes:

71L: 223x56 cm

76L: 228x57.5 cm

81L: 233x58 cm

86L: 234x60.5 cm


Starboard is back in 2011 with a new series of boards, intended to improve the riding experience of all sailors out there. The new Evo IQ is a new generation type of wave board, intended to take this discipline to a new level. The board can use a single or twin fin setup, depending on the rider’s skill and style or on riding conditions. The board is supplied with a single fin, and the twin fin setup is optional. The board is fast and accurate and offers fast turns. It also provides a good boost for riders that like to perform aerial tricks.

Used with a single fin setup, the Evo IQ provides a good grip and a fast top speed. Used with a twin fin setup, the board offers a skatey feel and can tackle big waves without problems. This adaptive fin setup is possible due to the use of an innovative Slot Box system. The Eco IQ 71 features a Flat V to Mono Concave bottom shape, while the other sizes feature a Mono Concave to Double Concave bottom. This bottom design assures a fluid glide and absorbs chop to keep the rider comfortable as he sails around. Additional comfort is added by the Drake Deluxe straps and heel bumpers. The pads use the Fish scale pad grooving technology which provides better traction and release.

A new rocker line, featuring a tail kick assures a loose feeling when gliding down line. Soft and rounded rails assure optimal control and make the board more forgiving. Starboard Evo IQ is available in Wood, Wood Carbon and Technora editions. Wood boards are lighter and rigid, Wood Carbon models are stiffer and very light, while Technora Evos are the most durable and are available for a very competitive price. If you love wave riding, you will definitely love the new Starboard Evo IQ board. It is guaranteed to offer you a very exciting drive.

Starboard Evo IQ 2011 Average Rating: 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 user reviews.
Starboard Evo IQ 2011 Reviewed on Dec 23rd 2011
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

I really like what they have done with this board. It looks stunning and runs very smooth. the board can be used with single or twin fin setups. with a single fin it works best in high winds and gets you planning very quickly. it also carves very nic...more