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Starboard Formula 2012

Starboard Formula 2012

Board Type: Race
Manufacturer: Starboard
Board sizes:

167L: 100.5x228 cm


Starboard is one of the most prestigious brands in windsurfing industry. All boards crafted by their team offer top quality and performance. The new 2012 Formula went through an extensive process of research and development, and it is ready to revolutionize the world of professional Formula racing. The 2012 Formula is a new generation type of board, engineered to offer exceptional early planning and upwind and downwind performance. The board is available in two different models: Formula 167 and Formula 167 Wide.

The Formula 167 is the perfect board for light to medium weight riders and excels in high wind conditions, while the Formula 167 Wide is engineered to offer outstanding lightwind performance and suits medium to heavy riders. The Wide model features a 90 cm tail, while the standard model has an 84 cm tail. A special cut away design of the tail makes the Starboard Formula extremely fast and assures impressive acceleration. At the same time, the flatter rocker generates extra speed in lighter winds and assures top control. It also propels the board upwind at incredible velocity. The lower mast track position improves overall control and maintains an optimal mast foot pressure.

The Formula features a thinner nose and a refined nose outline which allows the rider to perform technical moves at high speeds, without worrying about catching off the back of the waves. The board has impressive downwind performance due to the new downwind stance with an ergonomic heel recess. The Starboard Formula is designed using a full Carbon structure, featuring a Biax 150 Carbon deck and UD 80 Carbon bottom. This structure makes it very light and responsive. This board is engineered to win world class competitions.